Welcome to Find Your Level

As a qualified Speech Pathologist with extensive business management experience and wide ranging professional and personal development in areas of psychology, counselling, and spirituality, Lachlan offers a unique combination of commercial acumen, behavioural and motivational expertise, and emotional intelligence to help support business leaders, managers, and individuals to better connect and collaborate with others to achieve the outcomes they need while always maintaining an emphasis on achieving the highest good for everyone involved – you, your clients, your teams, your friends, your families and your loved ones.

Find Your Level offers two unique solutions for businesses and individuals by combining high levels of emotional and spiritual awareness with traditional services.

For businesses:

For individuals

  • ManShops: monthly groups where men can come together to learn with, share with and support other men
  • Heart & Soul Counselling: one-to-one sessions to help you express your truth with freedom, confidence, and love

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