Welcome to Find Your Level

Find Your Level is Lachlan Fennen’s personal development brand. At Find Your Level the emphasis is about helping people to find their truth in a world full of  “shoulds”. The services available from Find Your Level are all designed to bring peace and happiness to your life by understanding who you really are and what matters to you most.

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Ways to ‘Find Your Level’


ManShops© are a monthly, structured gathering for men of all ages to come together, share their challenges and successes, get things off their chest, feel supported, and learn techniques that will help them become more effective in work, life, and relationships.

Heart & Soul Counselling

Heart & Soul Counselling combines traditional counselling, psychology and behavioural techniques with a deep understanding of spirituality to help clients find peace and happiness in their lives. This is achieved with a variety of counselling / coaching style discussion and also sometimes incorporates the use of tarot readings to help unlock subconscious wisdom and knowledge to help with current situations or circumstances.

Courses for Spiritual Teachers & Light Workers

Find Your Level will soon be offering courses to help spiritual teachers and light workers to share their messages in powerful ways by building your understanding of group dynamics, sophisticated interpersonal communication concepts, and behavioural change. If there are any specific topics you would like assistance with, please contact us and we will aim to develop the content you need or refer you to an expert in the area.

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