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Introducing Performance Consulting

Lachlan - for right sideI’ve spent many years as a facilitator, instructional designer, and coach. Along the way, I’ve often felt that no single approach was the solution so I created the Performance Consulting model for my clients.

Performance Consulting combines business consulting, training, coaching and mentoring to help teams and companies to achieve their goals. It also provides a platform and system that can be accessed by individuals who want to further their careers or personal success.

The Performance Consulting System combines management and leadership principles with psychology, behavioural management, and motivational theories to identify the subtle blockages preventing the success and performance sought by teams and organisations of all sizes and in all industries – it’s about the people and what makes them tick (or prevents them from ticking).

My Performance Consulting System will help your business:

  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Improve internal and external communication
  • Manage underperforming team members
  • Address conflict within a team or between teams
  • Achieve greater performance through better team synergy and motivation across all staff

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For individuals, Performance Consulting can help you to:

  • Deeply understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can maximise the strengths and minimise the weaknesses
  • Recognise the patterns and beliefs which are currently undermining your success
  • Heal any situations or beliefs which are keeping you down
  • Deconstruct difficult situations to find the actions that will bring you the outcomes you want with the least amount of struggle or conflict

To find out more about the Performance Consulting System for individuals click here